Cheryl  Harris  Stell

Cheryl  Harris  Stell


Cheryl  Harris  Stell

Marann  Clark  Mann


Where are you now living?    Hohenwald, TN


Still working or Retired?     Retired

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If retired, whatís your favorite pass time?

Do you have a spouse?  Yes (for 43 years)

What is his/her name?    Tom Mann

Myrtle Beach  2013

Do you have children?    Yes, 3



Our Children 



Tom Mann, Jr.  42 Investment broker  -   Married to Beth
Michael Mann  38 Mechanical engineer -   Married to Lisa
Roger Mann 33 Marketing consultant  -   Married to Melanie


  Our Grandchildren  



Parker Thomas Mann       13
Jaydn Mariah Mann 10
Emily Mann 9
Colton Mann 7
Erica Mann 3
Allison Mann 8 months

Do you have a project that you have a passion for? Tell us about it!

My dreams, as I was growing up, were to be married and have a family.  I have that and it makes me very happy.  My happiest times are spent with them; unfortunately they do not live close to us.

 Tell me something that your former classmates probably donít know about you! (nothing criminal please) Some things you just donít share!

 Any special memories you have of any of your classmates who have passed away? Tell us about them!

I remember many times with David Woods.  He always made me laugh.  When we were 12-13, we attended many parties at his home.  David always asked Judy Brown and Klint Kelley always asked me.  We had a great time. There was a lot of "spin the bottle" and "wink" going on.

Janette Martin and I were friends from the time she came in 3rd grade until we graduated. She really had a hard time growing up because she had to take care of her 5 siblings while her mother worked.  I really admired her for that and for what she became, a nurse.  I miss her.

  Any special memories of some of those of us who are still plugging away? Tell us about them! Can be funny or sad or whatever youíd like to share.

  Mikey and Judy and I used to go for walks and smoke!  What a naughty thing to do!

  I have so many memories of growing up that I can't possibly name them and they were great ones.

Any special memory of a teacher? Can be good or bad! (No foul language will be printed online.) 

Miss Hazel Geveden was a great teacher.  I loved her so.  Actually, I never had a teacher that I didn't like and that made my 12 years good.

Of course, I really loved my mother, Miss Betty!

  Do you have a suggestion on how to make this website better??

No I think you have done a great job. 



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Tom and Marann

The Mann Family

Tom Jr. and Beth

Roger and Melanie

Michael and Lisa & Children