Cheryl  Harris  Stell

Cheryl  Harris  Stell


Cheryl  Harris  Stell

Cheryl  Harris  Stell


Where are you now living? Grand Prairie, Texas

Still working or Retired? Working

If working : what do you do? Own a Recruiting Company  


If retired, what’s your favorite pass time?

Do you have a spouse? Yes

What is his/her name? Walt Stell

Do you have children? Yes - 1

                                  Children’s Names and Ages

Desira Stell Zimmerer 42 Happy - juggling career and Motherhood


Nicholas Zimmerer 16 Going into his Jr. Year of High School – Just got DL and Auto – Oh Me!
Christopher Zimmerer 14 Going in into Freshman Year of High School – Girl Crazy….
Zachary Zimmerer 11 Going into 6th grade – Still loves to come and visit MeeMee and Pap Paw.

Do you have a project that you have a passion for?

Tell us about it!

Walt walked in just as I was getting ready to answer this question. I told him I couldn’t think of any thing I was really passionate about other than family, friends, work, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Barclay (my little Bichon Puppy). He said another one would be Supervising the Husband, so there you have it; the answer to this question is complete.


Tell me something that your former classmates probably don’t know about you!

Walt and I lived in Santa Clarita Valley, CA for the first 10 years of marriage. We owned a Company in Van Nuys that made precision parts for the Aerospace Industry. In 1978 he accepted an offer with Halliburton, and we relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He retired in 2005 from Halliburton. We just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on June 15th, 2008. I may think about retirement some day, but I love what I do, and just not ready yet.


Any special memories you have of any of your classmates who have passed away? Tell us about them!

I think it was our Senior Year in High School, Barry Perry and I was going to the High School from Milburn, not a route that I was very familiar with as I was always going to the High School from Cunningham. It was dark and I was driving, of course too fast, when all of a sudden we came into this very sharp curve, there was no way I was going to be able to make that curve. I knew I was dead, and Barry was thinking the same thing. I just closed my eyes as we went sailing off the road, when all of a sudden, we landed on this gravel road that seemed to come out of no where. When the car finally came to a stop, we just set there and looked at each other in shock. After our color came back and we were able to resume breathing, Barry said this is just too spooky, we will never talk about this again, I whole heartily agreed.

In 1988, Barry and his family were living in Fort Worth; he was VP of HR for Hugley Hospital. He and Jean came to our Daughters wedding in Dallas. At the reception, I asked Barry, “Do you remember that time we ran off the road and landed on that gravel road that came out of no where”? He had a real serious look on his face and said, “I’ll never forget that as long as I live”. I said, “Me either, it was just too spooky, so we will never talk about it again”…… then we both started laughing.

We lost touch with Barry when he and his family moved from Fort Worth, and were so sorry to hear that he had passed away.


Any special memory of a teacher? Can be good or bad! (No foul language will be printed online.)

Mr. Duane Webb once told me I had a Cadillac mind, but was only running it at Model T speed. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought of that. Every time something has come up that I think I can never accomplish, I think of that and say to myself, yes I CAN do this.


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Nicholas, Cheryl, Des, Christopher and Zachary

Cheryl's puppy "Barclay"

Barclay - I'm so cute!

It's me again, Barclay! They can't get enough of me!

Walt's photo of the grandsons! Who do you think they look like?? Ha!


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