Where are you now living?    Metropolis Illinois

Still working or Retired?   Retired   

If working: what do you do?   -

If retired, what’s your favorite pass time?  Crafts

Do you have a spouse?  Yes 

What is his/her name?  Richard

Do you have children?  Yes - 2

Lori and Kalen

Children’s Names and Ages

Jeffrey Alan Holt 44 Happy and Stable in his own home.
Lori Rene' Holt Miller 43 Head of Department of Physical Therapy at Massac Memorial Hosp.


Grandchildren? (Names and ages) Send photos!!

Kalen Rene' Miller 17 on Oct. 16th Playing softball/ Swimming
Jake Holt Miller Turned 12 on July 13th

My dad's birthday!

Just entered Massac Junior High

     Do you have a project that you have a passion for?   YES

Any special memories you have of any of your classmates who have passed away? Tell us about them! Can be funny or sad or whatever you’d like to share.

When I think about "Bear Woods", I can't help but smile.  He was always fun to be around.  He will surely be missed by all of us.  There will be a "deep hole" in the upcoming reunion pictures.  We have so many classmates who are now gone and they are missed as well.   Bear just always stood out  (maybe it was the sound of  laughter that could always be heard surrounding him).  The others who have gone before us were just a bit quieter.

It's really sad to see how many classmates we've lost over the years. Until I set up the page of deceased classmates, it hadn't hit me just how many were gone.  

Any special memories of some of those of us who are still plugging away? Tell us about them! Can be funny or sad or whatever you’d like to share.

 This is from grade school days, but the funniest thing I remember was about Jackie.  My mother enjoyed telling it and she laughed about it for years whenever Jackie's name was mentioned.    It was about the "Carrying Charges" on a badmitten set.   Be sure to ask her about it!  Mother and Jackie's mother shared the same birth date.  Mother got a kick out of the cake Jackie and I bought together and gave mother half and Jackie's mom half.  (Hey, it was the best we could do!)


   Judy Brown Kruger


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