Jackie Elsey Hendrix

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Where are you now living?   Bardwell, KY

Still working


or Retired? Retired, but babysitting quite often….more than I told myself I would.

If working : what do you do? Babysitting The pay isn't good, but the "JOY is PRICELESS"..

If retired, what’s your favorite pass time? Traveling the U.S. Still trying to talk Buddy into taking another cruise. Thinking of going to the 2010 Olympics in Canada…have hit all 50 states as of July!.  (Idaho was the last one and we hit that one the last of July) yeah!!!!. Did I mention babysitting?

Do you have a spouse?    Yes, for 42 years

What is his/her name?    Buddy

Do you have children?   Yes  - 3

Children’s Names and Ages




Kimberly Dawn Priddle



Tracy Lin Ellegood


Preschool Teacher at Fulton Co. going on 12 years.

Janet Dene Terry


Cat Scan at Western  Bapt. Hospital


Grandchildren? (Names and ages)



Kaitlin Priddle 10 Going into 5th grade at Reidland
Travis Priddle (all boy!) 7 years Going into 1st grade at Reidland
Aaron Ellegood 10 years Going into 5th grade at Carlisle
Laiken Ellegood

7 years

Going into 2nd grade at Carlisle
Alaina Ellegood 3 years Preschool
Cameron Ellegood 18 years Senior at Westview High School in Martin, TN
Ethan Terry 8 months Spends time with Grandparents while mom works


Do you have a project that you have a passion for?

Before we travel, I like to research and read in detail about the places we are going to visit. ( I would have made an A+ in American History--if I had studied like I do now when we are going on a trip.) We love to travel. Still trying to get to Idaho!

Tell us about it!




Tell me something that your former classmates probably don’t know about you!

Would love to become a tour guide with some travel agency…preferably in Alaska! (Secret Ambition)….if I could only get away from babysitting!

While fishing in the Ohio River with Buddy and Walter Hays, I caught my FIRST flat-head catfish. It weighed in at a WHOPPING 40 pounds and was 40 inches long. They have NEVER taken me back fishing with them since that day…

I sent the picture of me and my Big O’le fish to WPSD TV, and it was on “The Big Catch of the Day”.

Any special memories you have of any of your classmates who have passed away? Tell us about them! Can be funny or sad or whatever you’d like to share.

COOKIE McGEE--She and I would sell reserve seats for the home basketball games for points for FBLA. She was always so sweet and would not say anything bad about anybody.

JANETTE MARTIN HARGIS--Was a VERY SPECIAL FRIEND since 4th grade. Janette, Betty and I would always celebrate our birthdays together. We always did the “funny program” for our class reunions. It just doesn’t seem right to continue without her.

JERRY CRIDER--During our senior play…In one scene, Jerry threw me over his shoulder and carried me off the stage, which made my white bloomers with bright red polka dots shine. ( I doubt if he could do that now!)

DAVID “BEAR” WOODS--after going to school for 12 years with him, I can only say, “We will miss him, he was one of a kind.” I think of all the “boys chase the girls” games at Bardwell School and the boys would chase after Mikey first. I was the last one to get caught, as I was the fastest runner. If I remember right, David was the first boy to kiss me (on the back of the neck). At our last class reunion, we talked about having a 3-years class reunion or just keeping it at 5 years. “Bear” made the statement, “Well, H---, I may not even be here then.” And…he’s not!


Any special memories of some of those of us who are still plugging away? Tell us about them! Can be funny or sad or whatever you’d like to share.

I have so many, but during the “grade school days”, I can recall the summers when Judy, Marann and I would draw maps and would ride our bikes--following directions through Bardwell. We would come back to my house and play badminton or play in the creek by my house. Since my parents never had a car, Judy and Marann would take turns picking me up on rainy days so I wouldn’t have to walk to school. What friends!! In high school, I still have memories, but I remember staying all night with Cheryl, and in her bedroom was a 2-fan window air conditioner. I had not seen anything like that…and boy did I sleep “COOL” that night! The next morning her mother cooked tenderloin for breakfast. I had never eaten tenderloin and it just melted in my mouth. I thought it was the best breakfast I ever had. Cheryl’s mother was some cook.




Jackie and Buddie

The Hendrix Family

Back row :  Buddy, Jackie, Tracy, Russell, Aaron

Front Row: Vince, Kim, Travis, Kaitlin, Laiken, Alaina and Janet holding Ethan

Above left to right: Janet, Tracy, Kim

 Left to Right: Kim, Janet & Tracy (stan

Tracey's Family

Cameron (standing)

Russell, Tracy and Aaron

Laiken and Alaina

J.W. , Ethan and Janet

Jackie and Buddy at his Reunion


Any special memory of a teacher? Can be good or bad! (No foul language will be printed online.) !

I have two teachers. Mrs. Betty Hawkins was always so nice to me and helped me out in anyway she could. Since I was a fairly good typist, she would let me type papers so I could get points for FBLA.


Mr. Duane Webb was second. Since I had a speech problem, he would take me out of homeroom for 15 minutes every morning and would help me pronounce some of the words and sounds that I had problems with. I learned more from him in English than I did any other English teacher. I still remember to “look people in the eye” when you talk to them. That was one of the things he always said. I thought he was really a super teacher.