Laura "Cookie"  Holt  Wascha


Name:    Cookie Holt Wascha

Married:     yes, Don Wascha, 43 years.

Children:     Amy Wascha, 41, and Christopher Holt Wascha, 36.

Amy has been a designer-engineer at General Motors for about 15 years and she worked on Obama's official limo. Now she does global affairs that involve car interiors. She does lots of artwork for fun including pottery tiles, tie-dyed fabric clothing, glassblowing and some candlemaking. She recently bought a house-studio with 4 acres on Hummer Lake in Ortonville,MI.

Chris is a University of Kentucky graduate in IT. He has worked for Accenture, United Health Insurance, project administration team lead for Borders Group and now he's director of information technology for a firm in Birmingham, MI. He and his wife, Christina, have 3 children.

I'm so lucky to have both kids close by and we get to babysit a lot.

Grandchildren are Christopher Holt Wascha II, who is 7; Callie Elizabeth Wascha, 4; and Cole Tucker Wascha, 1.

I retired from being the features editor of The Flint Journal 5 years ago when the company offer a great buyout, which I took. I don't really care for retirement at all. I've done a little freelance work, but not enough to make me busy. Don is semi-retired from his law practice.

We spend about 4 to 6 weeks a year in Florida and I've been lucky enough to see Charlie and Helen Trainer several times in Orlando.

What you might not know:   

 My sister Sally and I still have the farm my family and grandparents grew up in on Highway 80 between Milburn and Arlington.

Favorite teachers:

    Annette Mix was a fantastic home ec teacher and mentor;

    Miss Golda Mathis was incredibly smart about her subjects and love for students;

    Duane Webb was so different, I think he made an impression of all students.

    And Haroldine Pridy, who was at CCHS only a short time from Murray made me want to be a journalist from the time we met, and I never turned back.

Memories: Riding to school with Jerry Crider and then having him ride the bus home because he forgot he drove. Welcoming Junior Holt to the 7th or 8th grade at Milburn ... he was sooo cute! Sleepovers with Claudette, Marann and Ann. "Trading" parents with Helen Trainer for a day on weekends because we wanted a change from cleaning our own houses and making dinner for that night. Jackie Elsey visiting at my house and watching her excitement at sitting and bumping down the stairs. Having a new year's eve party at my house with lots of serious couples. We got snowed in and my mom said: "OK. girls upstairs and boys downstairs, and I don't want to hear any movement during the night." One prom night when Claudette and I tried our first cigarettes.

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