Bruce updated his info and it is located at the bottom of this page.     Thanks Bruce!   


Do you have a project that you have a passion for?

Tell us about it! 

(down sizing)          gardening, 3 horses, hunting,    and "4 wheeling"

 Something that your former classmates probably don’t know about you! (nothing criminal please) Some things you just don’t share! 

Moved 21 times in 30 years, but I am really a stable person"

 Any special memories you have of any of your classmates who have passed away? Tell us about them! Can be funny or sad or whatever you’d like to share.  

After graduation, I lost contact with many of those who have passed on,  but when I see their name or picture I miss them.  Jerry was always loosing something keys especially.  To me, he was kinda like a Gilligan.  The "Bear" was a friend to everyone.  If I had needed help and asked him, he would have been there for me.

 Any special memories of some of those of us who are still plugging away? Tell us about them! Can be funny or sad or whatever you’d like to share. 

 I am very glad to have graduated from a very small class,  small school and small county   there is such a closeness to everyone. 

  Any special memory of a teacher? Can be good or bad! (No foul language will be printed online.)

  Betty Hawkins

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Thanks to Judy for the hard work  developing this site.  My computer skills are limited.



  - 2013 Update


Time is fast forwarding to our 50th reunion.

 It will be good to see everyone again. here is some information on my family.

Bruce: Murray State Graduate, August 1968, BS, Agri-Business/Ag.Education.

Feb 1969 first day of work for USDA/Farmers Home Adm/Rural Development. Located in Grayson, KY
30 miles west of Ashland.

Moved to Bardstown 1970 to 1975 to Princeton 75 to 1986, moved to Paducah that year and retired 01/03/06.

 Obtained my real estate license and sold real estate until March this year.

My main hobby is doing what I want on no set schedule. Small farm 3 horses, 3 goats, dog who fetches my news paper at the end of driveway.

Fishing usually is catch and release. The only way to catch fish is at a fish restaurant.

Deer hunting with my son and grandson is a big event.

In between these hobbies is playing rook with the seniors in Cunningham.

 My wife Carol are members at the Lovelaceville Methodist Church were we married in 1965. She is a native of McCracken county.


Amie Beth Partin Birdsong b. 1968, Caldwell County Graduate, now a 5th grade teacher in Caldwell Cty.

 M.1987 to Paul Birdsong a Lyon County native;

    Macie Allison Birdsong b. 1992 respitory therapist Madisonville,

    Holly E. Birdsong b. 1995 graduating senior Caldwell County.


        Jamie Partin b. 1971, Lone Oak graduate, Assoc.Degree West KY Tech. works Ameri-Source Bergen.

          m. Patti  Pendergrass, McCracken County native.

                     Rob P. Partin b.1990,d.10/11.

                     Anthony J. Partin, b. 1999. son,


    Jeremy Partin, b. 1975, Lone Oak Graduate, KY Police Academy graduate, m.Jenni Pierce,

                              McCracken county native,

                    Daughter: Taylor Olivia Partin, b. 1/5/10, They live in Nashville.

I am learning my new computer so I may get to send pictures later