Where are you now living? I am back in "Good Ole" Bardwell after being gone for 11 years.
  Still working or Retired? Still Working! Probably will until the day I die.
  If working : what do you do? I retired from Dillard's after 13 years. I now work in the Carlisle County school 4 hours a day in the cafeteria
  If retired, what’s your favorite pass time?  
  Do you have a spouse?  Yes I do for the last 19 years.
  What is his/her name? His name is Paul
  Do you have children? Yes 2 of mine and also 2 stepchildren

Children’s Names and Ages

  Gina S. Stovall    37 
  Brian E. Stovall    40
  Paul Lemon Jr    35
  Robert A. Lemon    28

(Names and ages) Send photos!!

  Laural A. Martin    18
  Ethan Harrison     8
  Brandon Spraggs   11
  Do you have a project that you have a passion for?  I love to draw and paint and I love to ride horses,                           go bowling, my church family, cookouts, just about everything. " I especially enjoy my wonderful family!"
  Something that your former classmates probably don’t know about you! (nothing criminal please) Some things you just don’t share!  When it comes to cooking, I love the "good ole' microwave".  (And Paul thinks I've cooked all day!  WRONG!  Ha!Ha!)
  Any special memories of some of those of us who are still plugging away? Tell us about them! Can be funny or sad or whatever you’d like to share.    My Friend, Jackie Elsey Hendrix, and I went to Memphis to see Elvis Presley's home and we had a great time. I shall always remember all my special friends and the good times together.
  Any special memories you have of any of your classmates who have passed away? Tell us about them! Can be funny or sad or whatever you’d like to share.   My friend Janette, was a very special lady.  We had lots of good times growing up. Her family was like my family and I went everywhere with them. Ha! Ha!
    Any special memory of a teacher? Can be good or bad! (No foul language will be printed online.) Mr. Webb , He would get so mad at me.  He couldn't get me to speak in class and I would get in the hall and talk up a storm. Ha! Ha! And I still do.  He was a nice person though. Please everyone, stay in touch. We have a great class and lots of good memories.
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Paul and Betty

Betty, her son Brian, Grandaughter "Laurel" & daugher, Gina (Laurel's mom)

Brian, Jennifer and the boys

Todd, Gina, Laurel, Betty and her husband Paul

Laure in the background l, Betty and Robert

Paul Lemon Jr. - Betty's stepson